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Solutions For Business Card Printing - London

If you are looking for Business Card Printing London within the busy, bustling capital city of London, then you’ll be pleased to read that there is a huge selection of successful companies offering fantastic services to ensure you have the best business cards possible.

There are standard size business cards available from most printers of which the measurements are 85mm x 55mm per card, however If you need more space on your card, you have the opportunity of ordering folded business cards. These are usually available in the following sizes: 170mm x 55mm or 85mm x 110mm.

Business Card Printing LondonThere are a wide range of options available to you if you are looking to add that extra special touch to your business cards. Certain finishes will add a soft and rubber feel to your business cards, not to mention an extra protective layer ensuring that your business cards are sustainable and durable. The finish options that are popularly available for your business cards are; silk gloss and matte laminate. For that extra special touch, why not choose to have your business cards laminated.

Options available to your completed business cards include choosing to add silk gloss or matte lamination. By adding a silk gloss or matte laminate finish your business card will have a quality feel to them as well as having a protective coating to help ensure they are safe from general wear and tear. A matte laminate allows a satin finish that is really smooth. A silk gloss laminate is ultra-shiny and presents colour in a striking fashion.

Outside Of The Capital And Looking For UK Business Card Printing?

Of course, it is not only in London that one can find decent print company who will be more than willing and able to organise your business card printing for you. Being such a burgeoning industry these days, it is possible to find a range of print services in virtually every major town and city including the likes of Manchester, Glasgow, Southampton, Leeds, Edinburgh, Bristol and Liverpool to name but a few.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to make use of an online service instead, you can find some information on how to go about this on our Online Business Card Printing page.